Brazing Alloys For PDC Drill Bits

In addition to silver doped copper alloys, Galtek also produces GA-8604, a copper alloy with manganese and cobalt additives. This alloy, with high hardness, is used especially in PDC (matrix body) bit aplications (oil well drilling/ gas well drilling etc.)


Advantages of Galtek Alloys

  • Due to its granular shape, it does not require cutting / splitting.
  • Thanks to its special formula, it eliminates the use of Flux.
  • With its oxide-free and bright structure, it does not leave any pores within the matrix.
  • Fasten to the body very well.
  • Have very strong wetting character.
  • Have perfect fluidity.
  • Simplify mold cleaning.


Properties of Galtek Alloys:

  • Specially formulated alloys; all produced with certified 99.99% copper and 99.99% silver.
  • Completely oxid free, shiny surface.
  • Long lasting durability due to airtight and light-proof packaging.