Brazing Alloys for Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits

Since 2014, Galtek has been producing high quality silver-doped copper alloys used as braze material for Turkey’s largest drilling equipment companies. These alloys are used to bond compacted metal powders and diamond crystals during the infiltration process, which is a special diamond drill bits manufacturing technique.

Silver Doped Braze Alloys:

Our granular shaped and specially formulated braze materials are all produced with certified 99.99% copper and 99.99% silver:

  • GA-30: 30% silver content.

  • GA-20: 20% silver content.

  • GA-15:15% silver content.


Advantages of Galtek Alloys

  • Due to its granular shape, it does not require cutting / splitting.

  • Thanks to its special formula, it eliminates the use of Flux.

  • With its oxide-free and bright structure, it does not leave any pores within the matrix.

  • Fasten to the body very well.

  • Have very strong wetting character.

  • Have perfect fluidity.

  • Simplify mold cleaning.


Properties of Galtek Alloys:

  • Specially formulated alloys; all produced with certified 99.99% copper and 99.99% silver.

  • Completely oxid free, shiny surface.

  • Long lasting durability due to airtight and light-proof packaging.